Attention Boston Parents! Did you want to get your kids involved in more STEM activities? We are giving away 40 offer codes for FREE 3D Design Class. Learn a simplified version of AutoCAD Software for Children ages 8 to 13 years old. Kids will imagine, create and learn a new software that they can use for a variety of applications.

The Best 3D Class You've Ever Been To..


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What Your Kids Will Learn From This 3D Design Class:

Tool #1: Duplicating

When one isn’t enough, get more out of a single shape. Like they say, 2 spheres are better than one!

Tool #2:  Align Tool

Just can’t line up your shapes in just the exact way? The Align Tool is what you’re looking for

Tool #3:  Multicolor

Don’t be monochrome, switch up those colors and make it pretty.