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Understanding binary code

Free in-person Sunday class for kids from 8 to 13

This class is for children from age 8 who are interested in computers and programming. Once you’re done with the class, you will know the answers to the questions below!

  1. How does the computer work?
  2. Why do computers only understand 0 and 1s?
  3. How can someone become a hacker – that is, the ethical one!

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Binary code is a code used in digital computers. It is based on a binary number system. Binary means that there are only two possible states: off and on. They are usually symbolized by 0 and 1. A binary code signal is a series of electric pulses that represent numbers, characters, and operations that we want the computer to perform. There is a device called “a clock” inside the computer. This device senses regular pulses, and components (such as transistors) switch either on or off to pass or block the pulses. Everything you see in your screen comes back to two simple digits: 0 and 1. 

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Classes take place on Sundays at 3 pm