Frequently Asked Questions

We are a technology school that concentrates on Coding (programming) and Robotics for children in Elementary and Middle School.

Learn about a new “superpower” that isn’t being taught in 90% of US schools.Starring Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg,, Chris Bosh, Jack Dorsey, Tony Hsieh, Drew Houston, Gabe Newell, Ruchi Sanghvi, Elena Silenok, Vanessa Hurst, and Hadi Partovi.Computing, now a part of schooling around the world, is becoming a crucial element to a rounded STEM education. Just as learners are equipped with an elementary understanding of math and science; it is not because they will all become mathematicians and physicists, but because of the relevance it has to everyday life. The development of key transferable skills like computational thinking helps improve thinking and problem solving skills across many fields.Today’s young people have grown up with technology all around them and are developing a deep understanding of how to use it from a very young age. But despite these advantages, there is also an ever increasing requirement for them to understand how technology works today to become the digital creators of tomorrow.

As of now, we offer our classes in Newton, MA and Online.  The classroom is outfitted with all the required equipment such as computers, different robots and all the tools for kids and teenagers to be able to learn and interact with latest technology.

Make-up classes are scheduled when they are cancelled due to a school closing.
Yes, since many of our customers purchase programs in advance, we offer an option to make partial payment at the time of registration, and the balance before the beginning of the class. We also accept credit and debit cards.

Our classes are generally grouped by age, however we may allow younger students join older students, if they already successfully completed previous coursework.Our teachers are trained to work with each child individually and to develop expectations for each child based upon their prior knowledge, their goals and motivation.

Anyone can write code! Most of our courses and activities are designed for kids ages 7 – 14 , but you know your child best. Children who can read and understand cause-and-effect relationships are perfect candidates to start coding.Older students can quickly progress through the basics of programming to take advantage of our open-ended creativity tools that allow them to create games and animated projects.

Using visual code blocks, classes guide kids through programming concepts such as loops,

conditional logic, sequencing, and algorithmic thinking. In early lessons, kids are presented with the correct set of blocks required to make something happen and they need to use the blocks efficiently and effectively to create the desired result. As kids advance, they are given more blocks and eventually work their way into DIY mode, where they create their own projects.

Coding teaches the fundamentals of programming, including repetition, conditionals, variables, and functions. Students also learn how to tell a good story, logically sequence events, and model real situations. They increase their technical proficiency and confidence. In addition, they learn computational thinking by developing their algorithmic and design thinking abilities.

With Coding Butterfly, kids are engaged in a storyline and are challenged to solve puzzles and earn rewards that will make them successful coders. When they finish a lesson, they earn badges and are able to build a game or project that they can show off to friends and family. Learning to program feels relevant because they can use coding to make awesome projects that challenge them to become better engineers and to think creatively.

Absolutely! We teach the fundamentals of programming, which translate to all mainstream programming languages. With us, kids will learn the same concepts found in other languages like Java and Python, such as variables, loops, conditionals, and functions. More importantly, we teach logic and design thinking skills, which are necessary to think like aprogrammer and adapt to a world of constantly changing technology.